High School Camp:

June 21st - June 29th 

Discipleship Camp:

June 29th  - July 8th 

Jr High Camp:

July 8th  -  July 15th 

Elementary Camp:

July 17th - July 22nd 

Print application and fill out or submit online application(parent or legal guardian must sign)

Camper Fee is $200 

You can give your completed registration form and camper fee to the pilot who picks up your child OR email a digital copy into khbcdirector@gmail.com OR submit the online registration form. Just be sure to send the camper fee with your child when they come to camp.

When packing for camp, you MUST use a soft sided duffle with a maximum weight of 30 lbs. NO hard frame suitcases or totes may be used as they are harder to pack in the planes. If you pack in a hard frame of any kind, your child WILL NOT be able to board the plane so please make sure to follow this guideline. Also any passenger who's body weight exceeds 300 lbs will not be able to board the plane.