To all volunteers at KHBC, we suggest a donation to the camp of $225 per person. These funds will be used to cover some of the direct and indirect expenses of the camping operations that occur to make a work week happen. 

If any volunteers fly in or out of the camp with a volunteer pilot and his airplane, please expect to participate with the pilot in paying for those additional expenses.

All workers must have their own health insurance or sign the Work Application Form saying you will be liable for your own treatment expenses. KHBC does not have insurance to cover workers. 

We encourage all volunteers to have a sending Church. The Pastor of the sending church should sign the Work Application Form (WAF). Workers are encouraged to secure prayer support for your safe travel and for your Spirit filled service as a volunteer at KHBC.

Please keep your traveling bags to a maximum of 30 lbs and make sure to pack in a soft sided duffle bag. NO hard frame suitcases or totes as they are more difficult to pack in small bush planes.



Camper Fee is $155 per camper for those along the river. (Tanana, Ruby, Galena, Nulato, Kaltag, Allakaket, Huslia, Hughes)

Camper Fee is $200 per camper for those further out. (Fairbanks/Nenana, Buckland, Selawik, Kobuk, Grayling, Anvik)

IMPORTANT NOTE: When packing for camp, you MUST use a soft sided duffle. NO hard frame suitcases or totes may be used as they are harder to pack in the planes. If you pack in a hard frame of any kind, our pilots will have plastic bags for you to repack in and your suitcase/tote will be waiting for you when you get home after camp. 

Print fill it out, (parent or legal guardian must sign)

You can give your completed registration form and camper fee to the pilot who picks up your child 

OR you can scan and email your completed application to Just be sure to send the camper fee with your child when they come to camp.

We hope to have an agent in each village that KHBC serves. When that happens applications will be available through them and they will also be our agent to receive completed applications and payment. If you don't know who your agent is. Email and we'll let you know who you need to talk to.