1. Pray...Pray...Pray

2. Talk to your pastor about coming

3. Trust the Lord to provide​

How to Prepare 

Travel in and out of Anchorage/Fairbanks:

High School Camp
FLY IN: June 17 (fly to FAI), 18th (fly to KHBC)
FLY OUT: June 27th (out of KHBC), June 28th (out of FAI) 

Discipleship Camp
FLY IN: June 26th (fly to FAI), 27th (fly to KHBC)
FLY OUT: July 4th (out of KHBC), July 5th (out of FAI)

Jr. High Camp
FLY IN: July 3rd (fly to FAI), 4th (fly to KHBC)
FLY OUT: July 13th (out of KHBC), July 14th (out of FAI) 

Elementary Camp
FLY IN: July 12th (fly to FAI), 13th (fly to KHBC)
FLY OUT: July 21st (out of KHBC), July 22nd (out of FAI) 

Work teams:

​June 2 to June 16
July 21 to July 28

IPrint application and fill out, (if under 18 then a parent or legal guardian must sign)

To all volunteers at KHBC, we suggest a donation to the camp of $250 per person. These funds will be used to cover camp operations

If any volunteers fly in or out of the camp with a volunteer pilot and his airplane, please expect to participate with the pilot in paying for those additional expenses.


All staff must have their own health insurance or sign the Work Application Form saying you will be liable for your own treatment expenses. KHBC does not have insurance to cover staff.

All staff must have a sending Church. Workers are encouraged to secure prayer support for your safe travel and for your Spirit filled service as a volunteer at KHBC.

All staff must keep traveling bags to a maximum of 30 lbs and make sure to pack in a soft sided duffle bag. NO hard frame suitcases or totes as they're difficult to pack in small planes.

Staff Needs 

  • Preachers/Teachers
  • Worship leader, worship team (vocals, guitar, bass, cajon, keyboard)
  • Kitchen staff (Head cook, assistant, serving/clean up crew, dish washers)
  • Counselors
  • Activity Leaders (Archery, Basketball, Craft, Climbing Wall, Disc Golf, Firearms, Skeet Instructor, Volleyball, Relays)
  • Photographer, Bloggers
  • Maintenance Crew (Boat drivers, 4 and 6 wheeler)
  • Camp Medic